Recode was an invaluable asset in the campaign for legalizing graywater reuse.  Recode ably coordinated the many groups working on this bill and brought the voice of the grassroots to the legislative table. Recode’s efforts to remove regulatory barriers to sustainability is incredibly important work.

Ben Cannon, Oregon Representative

Recode Team


Melora Golden


Melora has provided vision, strategic planning, organizational development and project management to Recode since 2008. Before becoming an environmental activist, Melora was a social worker for 12 years. Melora believes that bringing more intention and tools to group interaction will significantly increase the effectiveness of those groups. Melora has visited 37 countries learning about sustainable design and visiting intentional communities. She attended the international Permaculture convergences in Brazil and Africa and was the lead organizer of the second and third Women’s Permaculture Gatherings.  She has lived in Portland OR since 1996, she is dedicated to her wonderful city and to the sustainable evolution of the world.


Mathew Lippincott

Code Analyst, Code Writer

A founding member of the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS), Mathew is an artist, researcher, and designer who has worked in technology education for eight years. He became involved with Recode through his passion for furthering composting toilets through open source educational materials and designs. Mathew’s recent life highlights include his Balloon Mapping Kickstarter being listed as one of the 10 best projects of 2012, MDML’s Sewer Catastrophe Companion being exhibited at the Center for Disease Control and approved by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, and developing signage for the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle with Molly Danielsson.


Molly Danielsson

Lead Researcher, Creative Director

Molly Danielsson is a professional designer, researcher, and illustrator seeking to help others understand the science of the world around them in order to make better decisions.  Molly creates visual explanations for companies ranging from People’s Food Coop, Medical Reserve Corp to USA Today. Molly is also co-founder of Portland’s first feminist hacker/maker space Flux. BA Environmental Science Oberlin College 2007.

Recode History

Tryon Life Community Farm (TLC) formed to model environmentally sound practices on their land trust in SW Portland. As building and renovations began they realized several green building practices were illegal like the reuse of graywater to fertilize their downhill orchards. TLC formed Recode to advocate and legalize sustainable design practices for all Oregonians instead of simply seeking a variance for their site. Recode’s first campaign was to legalize graywater which was lead by Brenna Bell, founder of TLC farm and attorney at BARK.